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Ju Gosling's book ABNORMAL: How Britain became body dysphoric and the key to a cure is available NOW price £2.99 + VAT for the Kindle or £20 for a limited-edition hardback with full-colour images from the Abnormal exhibition.

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2011-19 Folk in Motion
2011-19 Together! 2012
1997-2019 Bettany Press
2009-19 The Letter Writing Project
2012 Vis-a-Visibility
Abnormal: Towards a Scientific Model of Disability

2010-11 Canning Town Folk
2011 No Hope of Rescue

2006-10 Holton Lee Blog
2010 Nationwide Mobility, Royal Sun Alliance and Rok - A Cautionary Tale
2009 An Artist's Manifesto for Accessible Hotels
2008 The Artist's No Budget Guide to Disability Access
2004 Whose law is it anyway? The DDA and the NUJ
Wheels on Fire
2003 Helping the Handicapped
2003 Transformations
2001 Adorn, Equip
1999-2010 Poetry
Dancing with Darkness
1999 Mount Grace Priory Virtual Residency
1998 Virtual Worlds of Girls
1997 My Not-So-Secret Life as a Cyborg
1997 Health & Safety in the Non-Linear Environment

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Photo Credit: Still from David Bower's Defining the Ineffable (2012)

Video still of a woman with short red hair and black-framed glasses, dressed in a silver waistcoat and trousers and sitting in a manual wheelchair, looking upwards