1995 Surfers Against Sewage
End-of-Summer Ball

More than 2,000 surfers, windsurfers and their friends descended on north Cornwall on 1 September 1995 for the 6th annual Surfers Against Sewage Ball. Celebrating a summer of high-profile campaigning by SAS and appalling publicity for the water industry, they gathered on the cliff-tops near St Agnes as the sun set over the Atlantic.

Three months of sunshine had been enjoyed by everyone but the main generator, which expired with heat exhaustion half-way through the night. The back-up struggled to cope with the continuing hot weather, meaning that Renegade Soundwave and Tribal Drift had to postpone their sets until next year.

But the surfers, perhaps bearing in mind that the UK's only wave-powered generator had recently proved unable to cope with the British weather, continued to party until dawn. Obeying the dress code of "Black Tie & Boardshorts or Anything Outrageous" to the letter, they managed both to confound and underline every surfing stereotype at the same time . . .

The surfing instructor [8]
Macho? [7]
Stuck in the sixties? [3]
Unable to cope with real life? [5]
Always ready for bed [6]
Lovely legs [4]
No fear
No fear [2]

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