My Not-So-Secret Life as a Cyborg

First in a series of photographs taken of and by Ju Gosling between two mirrors. Ju is looking directly at the mirror/viewer, her face partly obscured by a camera which she is holding out in front of her with one hand, the mirrors creating multiple reflections behind herThe presence of disabled people is not reflected in society, either in images or in positions of power. Meanwhile we are regarded by others as being asexual and unable and/or lacking the right to breed. Is it any wonder, then, if we take to replicating digitally in our own mirrors?

What's wrong with you, then?
The Brace/Borg
From Borg to Cyborg
Kiss My Ass
Performing disAbility
Audience Responses
Cyborg Life Today

Thanks to Falmouth College of Arts, K+, Metro Photographic, Nick Green, Catherine Stewart and especially Jo Lang for their help in creating this work.

NB: My Not-So-Secret Life as a Cyborg was largely produced in 1997, but I try to keep Cyborg Life Today as current as possible.

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