Fellow Traveller

An explorer comes across a magical machine in an abandoned library, waiting for a human to bond with it so it can fly again.

Devised and performed by: Ju Gosling aka ju90

Sputnik created by: Eduard Bersudsky & Sharmanka in association with Garry Robson

Music: from 'Harmonics of the Universe' by Julie Newman

Camera: Julie Newman and Sunil Phandey

Thanks to: Rob Hill, Sergey Jakovsky, Garry Robson, Deborah Wintle, David 'Stickman' Higgins, Oliver Tipper, Rachel Phandey, Jessica Robson, Susan Harrison

6 mins approx

Made during a residency at Croydon Clocktower as part of Fittings Multimedia Arts' Sputnik: A Project of Possibilities. Funded by Arts Council England and the London Borough of Croydon.

A ju90 Film © 2011


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