by Ju Gosling aka ju90

Image of a woman with short red hair, dressed in an orange vest, black trousers and black trainers with purple laces. Shes is sitting in a wheelchair in front of an open door but behind a security gate to which her wrists are tied with Fragile tape.

© ju90.2010/14. Digital print on perspex. 1m x 67cm.

This self-portrait was commissioned by the late David Morris for a collaborative project with Silvia Jahnsons, and will eventually be exhibited alongside Jahnsons' painted response. It was printed in this form for the Together! 2014 Open Exhibition (taking place at the Old Town Hall Stratford from 19 November 2014 to the end of March 2015, and then at the Hub in Canning Town until May). The picture is dedicated to everyone who is unable to attend events due to lack of the resources and/or support needed to leave their homes.

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