How’s it going?

How am I?
My sister, she’s had bad flu
The children were terrible too
It’s hard for a mum to be ill.

What have I been up to?
My sister, she went to the sales
The children, they went along with her
It’s good to keep families together.

How’s work?
My sister, she got a big rise
Imagine the look in her eyes
It’s good to be appreciated.

How’s the flat?
My sister, she bought a new bed
And she got new flooring fitted
It’s good to have everything nice.

What am I doing for Xmas?
My sister, she’s going to Spain
Getting away from the cold and rain
It’s good to have a real change.

When will I next see my sister?
Next year I’m going to stay
The children now speak some English
And Denmark’s not too far away.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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