Losing my voice

I had my voice when I left home
But soon as I began to roam
My voice just seemed to fad
e away
No matter where or what I say.

My voice is not the same as yours
My voice must therefore be ignored
My voice is not a valid one
When everything is said and done.

It isn't heard by passers-by
It isn't heard by those on high
It isn't heard by those who claim
To speak to people in my name.

It isn't heard with all the rest
It isn't heard when I protest
It isn't heard although I say
You can't erase me in this way.

'Speak up, shout out' is what we're told
'Go forth, be strong and very bold'
And yet the only ears that hear
Are those that venture very near.

So listen closely for the sound
Millions of voices echo round
Stolen from us all, not lost
Silenced regardless of the cost.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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