Sunset over
Security lamps throw a flat pallor

Across the lot stretching out ahead.

The cars are mostly still now
Punctuated by the rush and roar of lights

Coming from nowhere.

Another date, another place
Another evening

The landscape new, but familiar.

Joined defiantly by weeds and seeds
Plants struggle against containment

To grab the unwary.

Dotted around the pitted concrete
Condoms, butts and sparkling crystals
Speak of the hours to come.

Ignorant of danger
The dog noses an uneven path
Sniffing in a thousand stories.

Tiny eyes gleam back through the undergrowth
When the occasional rustling
Betrays their presence.

Duty done, following close behind
I'm rolling along the gutter
Looking up at the stars.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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