The Chalet School Revisited: The Movie

The Chalet School Revisited was filmed during Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's birth centenary celebrations in 1994, and released on YouTube in 2011 to celebrate the publication of Bettany Press's Chalet School-related books for the Kindle.

The film includes footage of the centenary celebrations in the UK, Guernsey and Austria; together with the story of Brent-Dyer's life narrated by her biographer Helen McClelland; excerpts from the books read by actress Kate O'Mara; images of rare dustwrappers and illustrations from the Chalet School and La Rochelle series; and, of course, interviews with Chalet School readers.

You can find out more about the making of the film, read a script or just read more about the Chalet School series within Ju Gosling's Virtual Worlds of Girls website. Behind the Chalet School by Helen McClelland and related books are available from or from Amazon for the Kindle.

Filmed & Edited by Ju Gosling © 1994


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