This be the day?

It is hard to live
Day after day
Not knowing if
Today will be that day
When the carefully constructed
Frail and fragile
‘Package’ that's my life
Will come undone.

It will only take one stranger
Faceless and unknown
Acting under orders
From people who will never understand
To press a key
And suddenly I will find myself
Unwashed, undressed, unfed
Unoccupied, unemployed.

Trapped in a Home of my own making
With no one to care
And no one to make them
And no way to get out
Until, inevitably
The moment comes
When I have no home at all
And terror beckons.

Each brown envelope
Each ‘unknown’ phone call
Each official email
Threatens to explode
Destroying the peace
That can only be temporary
So long as I am dependent
On the kindness of strangers
Rather than enjoying
The rights of a citizen
In one of the world’s wealthiest states.

For now, I am subjected
To constant attacks
By the government and media
Repeated daily on the streets
For facts I cannot change —
Being ill, disabled and poor.

Yet no one is an island
We all depend on one another
A truth that one day, finally, may be recognized
Until then, we are all diminished
While I wait anxiously
Hoping life will endure
For another 24 hours.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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