Poetry’s just for toffs (for Rebecca Watts)

Poetry’s just for toffs, you know
Who have more than one degree
It’s not for the poor
Or the former whore
Just the Academy.

Poetry’s not for the Essex girls
Or the brown-skinned folk with hair that curls
Poetry’s posh and hard to grasp
With difficult words set in the past.

Poetry’s not to be read out loud
Or supposed to attract an excited crowd
Poetry should be locked away
In expensive books where you have to pay.

Poetry’s not for the internet
Poetry’s for the elite
Poetry’s not for the working class
Or the people on the street.

Poetry’s not by mums, just dads
Poetry’s by the wealthy
Who cares for the thoughts of the working girl?
Or the youth, the poor and unhealthy?

Yet still the poems fly around
Breaking every rule
Poetry can’t be boxed and judged
It just makes you a fool.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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