Wheels on Fire

Photograph of ju90 performing in wheelchair, with Apples and Snakes banner behindWheels on Fire was commissioned by the Science Museum and Apples and Snakes as part of the Faltered States show. It was performed at the Science Museum on 21 March 2003 and at Battersea Arts Centre on 28 March 2003. It has since been performed in Austria and Switzerland as well as other UK venues, and is still available for touring.

Faltered States was a collaboration between the Science Museum and Apples and Snakes which formed part of the Naked Science series. Faltered States aimed to produce unique works of art and poetry that explored our society's perception of normality.

To provide inspiration for these works, the Science Museum gave four artists - ju90, Mat Fraser, Patience Agbabi and Rachel Pantechnicon - unprecedented access to its stores. The artists mixed in their own experiences to create a powerful and sometimes painful journey through the darkest corners of man's relationship with the body.

Click here to view a film of the performance, or follow the link below to read the script.

Photography: Julie Newman
Digital images: ju90
Thanks to: Lee Elliott, Jared Louche, Maja Prausnitz, Dr Deborah White, Matthew Applegate, Jackie Britton, Jim Leaver.


Brightly coloured photograph of an Edwardian bath chair 2 brightly coloured views of an old leather and wood wheelchair Brightly coloured photograph of two basket work wheelchairs Brightly coloured photograph of two armchair-type wheelchairs Brightly coloured photograph of an armchair-type wheelchair Two views of an iron and wooden wheelchair

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