Ju's Disability/Arts related websites

  • Helping the Handicapped (Ju's art work for the Sinnlos festival in Graz, Austria which explains the theoretical models of disability, including the Social Model)
  • My Not-So-Secret Life as a Cyborg (documents Ju's experiences of 'doing disability' as performance art)
  • Wheels on Fire (script of Ju's show about the place that wheelchairs play in our culture)
  • My Experiences as a Disabled Researcher (Ju's 'extra' PhD thesis on disability and post-graduate study)
  • Transformations (documentation of Ju's show at the Oval House Theatre, London as part of the 2003 Xposure London Disability Arts Festival)
  • Adorn, Equip (online version of the City Gallery, Leicester's 2001/2 national touring exhibition of 'couture' disability aids and equipment)
  • Mount Grace Priory Virtual Residency (documents Ju's 1999 residency, working in 'virtual' collaboration with a non-disabled artist)
  • Ju Gosling's Home Page (containing links to all of Ju's websites as well as a biography, CV, selected publicity material etc)

Disability Arts websites


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