Artist's films by Ju Gosling aka ju90

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All films are also available in broadcast quality on DVD and Mini DV.

Access All Areas! (2014) celebrates the refurbishment of Cecil Sharp House, the HQ of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS).

Canning Town Trio (2011) animates the motion paths of three traditional English dances, 'Gathering Peascods', 'Hey, Boys, Up Go We' and 'Newcastle' and was made for the Canning Town Folk exhibition at Cecil Sharp House, the HQ of the English Folk Song and Dance Society, to celebrate their centenary.

Fellow Traveller (2011) was made during a residency at Croydon Clocktower as part of Fittings Multimedia Arts' Sputnik: A Project of Possibilities.

England (2008) explores issues of immigration, identity and Englishness through the eyes of a child footballer from London's East End.

Put Ya Filas On! (1991/2008) - teenagers from the East End of London put their trainers through their paces and discuss how peer pressure affects their fashion 'choices'. Shot in 1991 and recently re-edited for digital release, it is just as relevant today.

Opening Doors (2004) takes a playful look at building design and the importance of co-operation through the creation of a unique waltz.

Euphoria (2003) is a celebration of life, as a small child grooves to the music and takes some of her first steps.

Stream Dream (2003) follows water from its source to the sea, and explores the movement in this natural medium.

Space (2003) features the natural movement of plants in the vastness of the space that surrounds us.

Fight (2001) is a dance duet exploring themes of growing up and developing Pride.

Also on YouTube by Ju Gosling aka ju90
The Chalet School Revisited (60 mins, 1994)
Interview: for US Renascence exhibition (2007)
Performances: Wheels on Fire (20 mins, 2003), What's Normal Anyway?(15 mins, 2013)

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